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This is the Blog for Filipinos on the Web.  For all Filipinos, native-born and foreign-born, to further our values, traditions, history and culture.



  1. Kirk Batubo says:

    hello Definitely Filipino,

    Can we exchange link? I’ve already added you guys, my site is

  2. Hi there,

    Excellent Blog site! First time on here and I must have read about 6 blogs that you wrote… i will have to come back and read the others. lol

    Are you also the Admin for Definitely Filipino on Facebook? If you are, Congratulations on achieving 350,000+ fans! How did you do that in 2 months? I also have a fan site MANDIRIGMA: Filipino Warrior and would like to make my Pinoy fan base that big. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Thank for the entertaining reading. Keep up the good work!

    Take care,


  3. Kirk Batubo says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for adding my site on your blogroll, Good job on this site and the facebook site. Over 350,000 fans, incredible! Have you guys thought about putting ads on this site? Adsense? or Chitika? Since having that many fans, you guys should be able to make money on advertisement. Keep up the good work!

  4. Congratulations! Your blog is a delight to read because it features various aspects of the Filipino as a culture, a people and a lifestyle. Consider me a fan.

  5. eve6m says:

    I’m still exploring “blogging” and found this in the downlist, clicked it, read some interesting “blogs” and clicked the about..taking me here!
    I will still be in the learning process, but I think this will be great and interesting. Congratulations!

  6. kayequintero says:

    You blog is quite interesting.. so patriotic.. Indeed you love the Philippines so much.. despite of the dirty politics and lack of discipline pinoys, you still see beauty.. anyways kindly try to also view my blog. – Thanks.. Mabuhay : )

  7. mct88 says:

    I love the various topics written about here. Keep it up

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